Recorded November 2010, April – May 2011.  Produced and engineered by Andrew Schneider at LoHo Studios and Translator Audio, except “Christine”, engineered by Todd Pearlmutter at LoHo Studios. Mastered by Joe Lambert Mastering, July 2011. Cover/CD art by Michael DeSutter,


Recorded by us January 2012 – February 2012.  We used Kickstarter to raise money for our last full-length, The Times We Didn’t Have Fun. Any fans who supported us at a high-enough level could request a cover song of their choosing, to be played at a live show, and recorded for posterity. These are those songs.

Recorded Spring/Summer 2010 by Mark Lewis at Junxt Studio Artwork by Mike DeSutter

Recorded Summer 2009 by Jim Bentley at The Fort Artwork by Mike DeSutter

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