Diehard ‘Private Chef’ Kickstarter Details

First, thank you for considering the private chef option! Because we want to make sure everyone is fully satisfied and totally happy with their meal, please read all of the 9 items below before pledging on the meal.  We are totally willing to work with you if you have any specific ideas.  Our goal is just to make sure everything is clear and you’ll be fully satisfied and happy with your meal.  If you have any questions about anything below, please contact us.  Thanks again!

  1. Liz and Zeph will prepare a five course meal prepared and served in your home: Appetizer, Soup, Salad, Main (meat/fish, vegetable, and starch), Dessert & Coffee. It will be most scrumptious.
  2. Any and ALL food allergies or restrictions (dairy, gluten, nuts, shellfish, kosher, vegetarian, etc.) must be made clear no later than two weeks prior to event. No exceptions. We want everyone to fully enjoy their meal – meaning we will take all necessary precautions to prevent an allergic reaction or an accidental break from a religious tenet.
  3. Similarly, purchaser’s menu suggestions based on personal taste or preference are very welcome and should be stated no later than two weeks prior to event. Preparation will go into this meal to make sure the purchaser is fully satisfied, so we need time to prepare.
  4. Your home/apartment must have a working kitchen: 4 burner gas stove, oven, microwave, sink, adequate counter space.
  5. You must provide all table settings: plates, bowls, flatware, glassware, napkins, serving bowls, tablecloth, etc.
  6. The location must be either accessible by subway or purchaser will pay for transportation. Sorry, Diehard is a no car family. That’ll be the next Kickstarter campaign.
  7. Given all of the potential time and logistical restrictions, the meal cannot be broken down by party member. In other words, there cannot be just one vegetarian serving, or kosher serving, or gluten free serving, etc. The meal will be prepared for all of its participants. So all vegetarian, or all kosher, or all gluten free, etc.
  8. Sorry, no requests for vegan meals.
  9. While we will bring the ingredients to your place, alcohol is not included in the price. So BYOB or wine or soda pop.
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