Ezra – guitar/vox, Liz – guitar/vox, Evan – bass/vox, Zeph – drums

Diehard is like a cannonball dressed up in an autumn sweater.

Nice things swell people have said about us:

“One of NYC’s best indie rock rock bands” – Brooklyn Vegan

“While ‘Future Tense’ may recall the strains of rock indie rock fans were weaned on, the song is clever, evocative, and precise, qualities that never go out of style.” – Pitchfork

“Their obvious love of Bruce Willis aside, the Brooklyn quartet revel in the guitar-driven alt-rock nineties, with some boy-girl harmonies to soften the effect.” – New York Magazine

“Diehard is another with undying respect for the [’90s], it’s just that they hone in on all the best aspects and leave out the bad, which is to say there are guitars—driving, crunchy and distorted, just so. Boy-girl harmonies recall the Rentals, precise arrangements are played with reckless energy like Superchunk, and everything’s cloaked in the pop fuzz of Lou Barlow’s Sebadoh.” – L Magazine

“Their album, The Times We Didn’t Have Fun, is the complete opposite of its title; the 11 track release is hooky, upbeat and tireless. …The play with male/female vocals is fun, and in a sense flirty, which adds a light, carefree vibe to the band.” – The Aquarian

“Finally. An indie rock band who doesn’t drench their songs in so much reverb that it covers up the lack of songwriting abilities. Diehard, a fairly new 4-piece out of Brooklyn, is actually bringing the old beloved sounds of the 90s rock back to us with just enough pop flavor to make them become one our favorite new discoveries.” – BeatCrave

“After the minimal-to-layered buildup of the opening track, the record kicks into higher gear with “Was I Wrong?,” a playful Velocity Girl-like singsong of regret that can’t help but bring on a smile. “Future Tense,” a haunting I Can Hear The Heart Beating As One-evoking track manages to honor that quintessential record while also offering a new breath of youthful beats and lyrical beauty.” – StereoactiveNYC review of Oh So Premier

“Plowing through shared loves of Afghan Whigs and Superchunk and cascading like the first rising waves of unrequited crush; their EP Oh So Premiere is a sincere return to indie form… The EP is just a taste of what the band plays live and it’s highly recommended that you catch them in their awkwardly adorable perfect setting on a stage somewhere soon.” – Raven Sings the Blues

“Singer Ezra Selove has one of those Indie Rock Voices, like Quasi’s Sam Coomes or the Delgados’ Alun Woodward, that sounds good paired with distorted guitars and female vocals (in this case, guitarist Liz Schroeter). These guys are good.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Diehard even reminds me a bit of the indie-pop era of Velocity Girl meets the power-pop era of The Poster Children. Yeah, that’s it! Boy, that was one good era.” – Oh My Rockness

“Diehard … seem to be actively channeling mid-’90s American indie rock like Superchunk, Archers of Loaf and Pavement, and they do it very well.” – Brooklyn Vegan

“Diehard is a super catchy, no-fuss 4 person guitar pop band reminiscent of the indie rock darlings of the late ’90s. … Diehard’s vibrant electric guitar wall of sound and their strong melodies reveal the band’s obsession for artists like Dinosaur JR and Pavement – something we definitely share with them. The characteristic fragile vocal style is recreated here with a delicate harmonizing of male and female voices – the beauty of their melodies perfectly balanced by the “beastie” power trio sound.” – The Deli Magazine

“Diehard plays fun, straight-ahead indie-pop/rock that will definitely get your toes tapping. The band has a knack for Breeders-like edgy catchiness and Yo La Tengo-style male/female vocals” – Stereoactive NYC

“This New York based four-piece has the inherent ability to know their influences and use them to create a sound that has passion and originality dripping from it’s fingers. …Referencing virtually every great late 90’s indie rock band, they still manage to put a spin on it that makes it fresh and exciting.” – The Dumbing of America

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